Amazon could be expanding to the Capital Region!

Amazon could soon be moving in to a warehouse in Green Island and your packages could be delivered “Uber style.”

Sounds strange I know, but it’s true.  Amazon is looking to renovate a building right here in Green Island and will be hiring local residents to deliver the packages.  The service, Amazon Flex, will use independent contractors to deliver the orders.   You know, kinda like Uber, but for packages.


According to the story I read in the Albany Business Review, drivers will be 21 or older and be required to use their own vehicles to deliver packages to homes and businesses.  The pay for the drivers would be $18 to $25 per hour.

Amazon Flex isn’t new, it’s just new to us here in the Capital Region. The Uber style of delivering already takes place in 37 cities, including Boston, Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco.

The deal is not sealed yet, but I hope it happens soon!!  These would be some great jobs….and maybe convince our state officials to approve Uber for people, not just Amazon Packages!

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