Social media can be a scary situation for parents especially when they keep updating and changing everything about each app and service.

Snapchat is the latest to cause a commotion and that is with their new "Snap Map." Yes, it is just like it sounds: a map letting users know exactly where you are and in a lot of cases right on down to the exact road. No. Just no. And authorities are feeling the same way.

Positives: Allowing parental units to know where your child is at all times (yay! safety!)

Negatives: Everyone knowing where your children are at all times (no! ahhh! scary!)

So, how do you combat the creepers? Simple. Get a hold of your kids phone and throw it in the nearest river...okay, I'm kidding. But, do make sure their Snapchat app is in "Ghost Mode" which allows their location and snaps to stay private and just for their followers.

Wait, are you not sure how to do that? I got ya covered, adults! Just a couple steps. Ready???

  1. Pinch the screen when the app is open and this will load the map.

  2. When you do it for the first time, it should ask you if you want to activate “ghost mode.”

  3. If it doesn’t, tap the icon in the top right corner, where you will be able to check a box to enable “ghost mode.”

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