Cringeworthy: Teens Post Snapchat Vid Putting A Baby In Fridge (Video)
Finish this sentence: "If this ever happened to my child I would________"  Well let's hope and pray that it never does happen because the fate of these two teens probably wouldn't be very pleasant. The teens, seen laughing in the video, put the crying baby in the fridge and posted a Snapchat video all as the infant's mother was showering.
New “Snap Map” Poses Danger to Snapchat Users
Social media can be a scary situation for parents especially when they keep updating and changing everything about each app and service. Snapchat is the latest to cause a commotion and that is with their new "Snap Map."
A Christian Brothers Academy Secretary Is Caught In A Snapchat Sexting Scandal
This news is now hitting the local news everywhere. I saw it first at News 10 ABC in an article by Anya Tucker. It seems a 38 year old employee of CBA has been accused of sending nude photos to a 16 year old student on Snapchat. Right now there doesn't seem to be any evidence of any actual physical contact between the employee and student but Sara McLaughlin of Loudonville is now facing charges of
Facebook To Take A ‘Slingshot’ To Snapchat – Tech Talk [VIDEO]
Wow! I think I actually impressed MYSELF there for a second!  I actually came out with something half clever after 8 p.m.  I'm usually drooling on myself from exhaustion from another hard day at the morning show. But when I saw this, I had to spread the word to a lot of people, which is kind of what Facebook's new Slingshot aims to do