So I came across this video claiming to have an easy way to peel potatoes and I have to say I was astonished. I don't know if I'm more astonished that it is really so easy or that I have never heard of this technique before. If you have I apologize for wasting your time but if you have never seen this before you may love after seeing this.

Now, I know what you are thinking "What if I don't want to boil the potatoes, what if I want to make fried potatoes?" HA! I got one for that too. Now this one is a bit more complex in it's preparation but it really is a fun way to peel potatoes especially if you have a lot of them to peel at one time. This one uses a drill and a toilet brush, yes I said toilet brush but obviously not one that has been used for that function! I have seen quite a few demonstrations of this on "The YouTubes" and while this one isn't the best (they used a cordless drill) it was the most entertaining one.


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