A few weeks ago, I went on the air saying what an incredible internet hoax it would be if April the giraffe wasn't pregnant. I actually believed and wrote a blog about how, as April Fool's Day approached, this would be the best prank ever. Well, now I just feel bad.

I still check in from time to time on April. Lately she looks extremely uncomfortable. I mean wouldn't you be? This poor girl has been pregnant forever and she is huge. Just last night I watched her just walk around and then lean every once in a while. She wouldn't lay down because I don't think she could.

So now to April and the world, I am so sorry I thought this would be some sort of joke. This is no joke, you beautiful giraffe. I want to let you know that I hope your labor is quick and as painless as it can be. Please accept my sincere apology and like the rest of the internet universe, we will wait patiently for your beautiful baby calf.

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