I'm unsure how to feel when I see these photos of Mama June.

A part of me feels horrible and sad that she felt so badly about herself that she took such drastic measures to change her body this much. Another part of my feels happy for her for making such a big decision to do such a change that has allowed her the confidence and happiness she has always wanted. But based on the video previewing the season of Not to Hot, it seems like it started out for the wrong reason: Revenge.

If you remember how we all met Mama June, it was through the television show, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." Something not so hard to figure out is that she's the Mama of Honey Boo Boo. Mama's then boyfriend, Sugar Bear (yes, such a cute nickname trend) eventually is found out to be a cheater and we're lead here, to him talking about getting married to someone else. She's devastated.

Mama June, while she doesn't want to be with him and knows that she shouldn't be, states that she doesn't want him to be with anyone else (I think many of us have been in that situation before, am I right?)

Because of her emotional reaction to his announcement, she decides it's time to make a change. This change leads to her new show, "Mama June from Not to Hot" on the WE network. She goes through a number of surgeries, weight loss dieting and exercise routines, among other things to go from almost 400 pounds, to a size 4 by the end of the show. While I'll always believe you should be happy and proud of who you are and what you look like, I realize now that there were also medical reasons behind her decision and I love that she seems thrilled with the outcome of all that she went through. It may have started out (based on clever tv editing) as a revenge tactic, but turned into for a much different reason.

The surgical process is scary, it's painful and it's stress inducing the worry now is could she put the weight back on? It's something a lot of people are talking about. Trolls are placing bets on when she'll do just that, which is horrible. I think the important thing to focus on for her is cheering her on, encouraging her and being happy because she is happy. Cheer for someone's success, don't root for their demise.



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