Massive storms that swept through Schenectady county on Sunday afternoon has left many without power and National Grid is working now to fix the problems.  While many in the area have gotten their power back, thousands of local residents could dealing with outages throughout the evening.

According to the Times Union, power should be restored for those living in Schenectady, Scotia , and Niskayuna by 6:30 pm. However as the thunderstorms travel west through Albany and Rensselaer counties, more outages could come with it.

The Times Union report warns residents to take heed to any warnings as storms could produce hail and thunder, meaning that 'ground' lightning strikes are always a possibility.

As of right now, as many as 9,000 local residents are without power and according to CBS 6 News, residents are urged to contact National Grid if the power is out in your area because in some cases they simply might not know.

For more information or to contact National Grid click here.


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