National Grid Working To Restore Power For Thousands In Area
Massive storms that swept through Schenectady county on Sunday afternoon has left many without power and National Grid is working now to fix the problems.  While many in the area have gotten their power back, thousands of local residents could dealing with outages throughout the evening.
5 People Struck By Lightning in Poughkeepsie
A lightning strike at Madison Square Park in Poughkeepsie took down 5 people this afternoon at about 4:15.
Three of the 5 people who were struck were injured so badly they were unresponsive when medics arrived.
According to reports they were not directly struck by the lightning but were standing by a …
Amazing Video Of Lightning Hitting A Moving Vehicle! [VIDEO]
Wow, you have to check this out. An elderly couple in Canada were driving along a highway last month when their truck was struck by lightning! I can't even imagine what that was like for them. According to the report all of their airbags deployed, smoke and heat filled the car and there were ev…