First off, I have to apologize to you nice people, but I also could use a hand to make this "Your Town Thursday" song extra special. 

I have been working on a theme song for your little corner of the world, but got sidetracked because of vacation time, so it never wire.  I'm back now and re-energized, so I'm planning to sing the praises of your little town this Thursday on the Sean and Richie and Bethany Show.  

I would like however to include photos to make the blog post more interesting. YOUR photos, that is.   If you have any pictures -old or new- of some of the key sites, businesses etc, please feel free to email me at

Michael's Diner - Fultonville NY
Google Street view

We did our show from here once, so I do have THIS shot!

I know - I can cheat and get the photos off of Google Earth. Hey, it's amazing technology and everything, but I would prefer some of YOUR pix.  Note: you can't send me pictures of someone's pictures  (copyright problems).  They would have to be your shots, and I am assuming that when you send them, I can use them!

If you can get them to me by Wednesday, that would be great!

Thanks.  I look forward to singing your song and hearing your reaction.

Fultonville sign
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