We have been on the lookout for the most awesome, "over the top"  school playground in the Capital Region.  And we found one that was so cool that I packed up the keyboard,  drove out there and wrote a song with the kids that explains just how amazing it is!

The Reading, Writing, and Rhyming Tour is the name of the program that we started 15 years ago here at WGNA.  I get the opportunity to bring my portable piano into a Capital Region classroom and write a little ditty about whatever subject suits the kids' fancy.  I've never failed to walk out of a school with a huge smile on my face.  It's such a fun and rewarding experience, and this time was no exception.

The journed this week took me  to Mrs. Marshall's 3rd grade class at Miller Hill School out in beautiful Averill Park.

These kids were amazing.  We had a quick brainstorming session.  They told me everything that this outdoor wonderland had to offer-everything from a zip line to special monkey bars, to a spiderweb, a truck that you can sit in,  a working telephone,a tire swing-the whole 9 yards!  We  then took that information and wrote and recorded this little masterpiece in just under one hour!   They were especially into Elvis, so we used the classic song "Don't Be Cruel" and changed it to "Miller Hill School".   The results are just a click away!

Afterwards, Mrs. Marshall and the kids were nice enough to stop what they were doing and  walk me out  to the actual place in question to see it first hand.   IMPRESSIVE OR WHAT??

I hope you enjoyed their rhyming description of their fantastic equipment, paid for by the commnunity's fundraising efforts by the way.

Thanks to everyone there for having me come in, and a special thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for generously sponsoring the program each year.

P.S.  Does YOUR school have a great playground?  Tell me about it.  Maybe I can make a run out to your school as well.  (I'd much rather play than work!!)