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Local Teacher Makes Emotional Plea to Parents
It's evident that Capital Region residents have a lot to say about school reopening in the Fall and parents - for good reason - have probably said the most.  While some parents have been reasonable others have been downright negative.  Regardless of your stance on the reopening of school in the Fall…
Local Man Smacked In Face By Owl While Driving (VIDEO)
Check out the wild (and slightly profane) video filmed by a local man who was driving to get some food the other night but didn't end up with take-out in his front seat.  He ended up with a smack to the side of the head, and an owl in the front seat of his truck.
Averill Park Grad Dies In Hit and Run Accident
We're all thinking and praying for the family of Ryan Bielawa, a 2015 Averill Park graduate today.
He was crossing the street just south of his college, Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina early Saturday morning when he was struck by a car...

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