You might be living under a rock if you don't know this story.  Actually, when I saw her on TV I wanted to go hide under a rock. The very talented Miley Cyrus has reached an all-time low in my humble opinion.  In fact I decided to write a song about it

Screen Shot Miley Cyrus
from YouTube

Richie's song in case you don't want to read the rest!


She was on MTV's Video Music Award show, which has ALWAYS been known for it's controversy.  I'm sure they purposely plan most of it to get idiots like us to fall for it and talk about it

Anyway, we all know what  she did.  She "twerked".  What exactly IS twerkin'? has the explanation (parental discretion advised).

And that's the whole point!  What she did in my mind was WAAAAAAY over the top. That's not PG or even R rated in my estimation, but a cable show can get away with far more than network, so their not worried about repercussions

For  Miley  to stoop so low (no pun intended) diminishes her talent as an actress, singer and all of the rest.  She doesn't need to do THAT to tell us that she no longer is a child!

Whoever gave her advice to a jerk.   (I love ending with a rhyme)



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