I don't mind being scared in certain circumstances. If I paid for a Haunted House, scary movie or adrenaline-inducing ride, it's expected but why would I want to bring up my biggest fears for no reason?

Let me bring you back to 2001-2012, Fear Factor was at its peak. Hosted by Joe Rogan, the concept of the show was to bring in contestants and have them face their biggest fears. The more fears they conquered and in the quicker time, they would win money.

If you don't remember the show, usually at one point they would have to eat some weird animal, animal body part or moldy cheese. The next stunt involved something crazy to do with your body like heights or a speeding car. The last stunt was most likely going to end with people in that clear box having bugs and other creepy crawlers dumped on them. People signed up for this stuff!

Well it's coming back, according to AV Club, MTV is rebooting the series for a 12-episode run to premiere May 30th. The big difference, is it's not going to be as great as you remember. This is the age of millennials so MTV is banking on my generation being wimpier than the first version of the show. MTV has announced that the stunts will be more psychological traumas. I'm sorry but if a kid wins money by not posting on Snapchat for 20 minutes, not adding a cool party to their Instagram story, their meme not trending, or not being able to Facebook what they recently cooked in the kitchen, I'm out. Will you watch? What fear would you not be able to conquer on that show? Anything you don't want to eat or do?

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