This one was about 3 weeks in the making.  We've been just so busy traveling with the show to colleges and other places that I've had very little time to concentrate on Your Town Thursday songs. Time to get back to work!

I finally finished it!  I hope it was worth your wait.  I want to thank all the fine people from Facebook who wrote in with all your fine information.  I also apologize for the fact that, try as I might, I can't ever seem to fit everything in the time allowed ( these songs are only supposed to be about 90 seconds tops - otherwise I get very severely scolded - cuz noone has time to hear a whole 3 minute ditty in the morning.  I get that)

That being said, here is the song I came up with.  I set my iPhone up -admittedly at a very unflattering angle - and captured this live as I sang it, warts and all.  I even edited the whole thing right on my phone.  Technology is so cool!


Here's the words that I'm laying down

about a little place that's a railroad town

many factories that helped to pay the bills
it was grist for the local mills
Now today its' a bedroom community
Say bubye  factories
even all the farmland's gone
but for  Johnsvonville - life goes on.
Chorus  That nice grain mill that you've known since the town was young
     has now turned into a condominium
Named for the founder of an axe factory
   Home Issac singer  who made the first sewing machine
Has a great history and it always will
it's Johnsonville
rural then and rural even now
you can bet….. your neighbor is a cow
no stoplights but to some that's heaven
just take a ride on Route 67
CHOROUS Warm summer nites
 Yea that will do the trick
 There's fireflies
 Just watch out for the ticks
 They love the town and they always will
  It's Johnsonville




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