Sometimes you get a name that is  tailor-made for song parody.   This one is no exception. I was asked to write a song for Patty Child.  Gee - this was a no brainer.

We were here doing our show from U Albany campus for College Week, which  also come inside it with a special promotion we were doing with ProFlowers.   It was my job to write a special Mother's Day song for a listener every day this past week.  When I got the email from Amanda Child asking if I could  created duty for her special mother,  I definitely jumped at the chance - especially since the song "Wild Child" by Kenny Chesney came to mind almost immediately as the song to parody.  This one's for you, Patty!   Lyrics to follow.   


 Patty Child
 Parody of "Wild Child" by Kenny Chesney 
Really hates talking about her age,
Gets 2 cups of Stewart's coffee each day,
Hates leaving the house past 4 PM
She has a crush on Luke Bryan you see, has a shirt that says Luke shake it for me
She's really into slot machines you know, she's always been a
Patty child
She'll never be a Redskin fan
Patty child this info came drom your daughter Amanda
ProFlowers is giving you a gift by the way,
To help celebrate Mother's Day,
Patty Child
Congrats, Patty.  You too get a $50 gift certificate to
photo by Richie Phillips





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