Taste of Country isn't the only thing featuring Hunter Mountain this year. It's gonna be on MTV this month!

The TV show "Winter Break: Hunter Mountain" will debut on MTV on February 27th, according to Kristi Gustafson-Barlette from the Times Union. The show will be showcasing Hunter Mountain as well as the various festivals and activities that happen year-round.

Based on how MTV describes the show, it seems like a rebooted Real World but without the umbrella title. MTV says that Hunter Mountain provides a winter escape for twenty-somethings so they're taking 8 people, putting them in a house for the winter season and see what the mountain and the winter weather does for their relationships.

There are no specifics on the identities of the people or if they're still filming but if you watch on February 27th and frequent Hunter Mountain, you'll recognize the surroundings. Also, based on the promo MTV is sharing, if you were a fan of the Real World series, then you'll also recognize the antics in and outside of the house. Take a look, see if you recognize anyone familiar.

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