I've had a couple of days to myself. So, of course, what does any self respecting adult do with a couple of days off? They watch an entire season of a television show they would usually have scanned right passed of course.

It all started last Sunday.

I had left the Tv on Mtv after watching the VMA's, so when I left for work Monday morning and turned the television on for my dog (yes, I do that) it was still on the music-less channel.

When I got home that night, Tv still glowing, it was something I had watched a couple of times before but never searched out for it. This time though, I was suddenly hooked. It was Mtv's Catfish.

The premise of the show is that someone writes in, after having formed a bond/relationship with someone online. Something has led them to believe that they aren't talking to whom they originally thought and believe they are being lied to. As an example:  In the episode from Season 4, Jamey and Ari, Jamey learns that Arissa aka Ari isn't the girl he fell in love with over the internet. Instead, he finds out she was born a he and is currently in the process of changing into a woman. WHOA - crazy, right?! Listen, it's not even the fact that Ari is transgender, that's common at this point in our world and I would much rather have someone be comfortable in their person than not. Be who you believe you are. However, that is not what Ari was doing - she had never even brought any of this up after years of talking!

You can read more on that episode here.

See?! This is why I got sucked in!

There's this other story of Falesha who had her pictures stolen from her via Facebook and other social media sites with another girl posing as her. It started when she was around 14 years old and went on for almost 10 years! When the fake Felesha was confronted - because they always are (eeeeee! confrontation!) she was giggling and happy to be on television and honesty, seemed a little looney. It became such news at the time because of her behavior and reactions that she ended up on Dr Phil!

Needless to say, I've watched two of the five aired seasons on Hulu in the last few days. I'm hooked. It happens. And I'll tell ya this...it's been a couple of the most relaxing days I've had in a while! Happy post-Labor Day, ya'll!

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