MTV's Catfish is back with a new season and one of the episodes this week is featuring a New York area. Could you have been fooled by this catfish?

MTV's Catfish, if you aren't familiar, started with a documentary about a guy who fell in love with a girl online. After some investigation, he realized that the girl he thought he was talking to, wasn't her at all. The show takes real people from all over the country who have a similar situation and the hosts try to find out if who they're talking to are the real deal or using a fake identity/picture.

Tonight's episode features 25-year-old C.J. from Syracuse, according to CNY Central. In this episode the host Nev and special co-host Justin Combs (son of P.Diddy) investigate "Shana." C.J. has been talking to Shana on Facebook for eight years. According to her story, "Shana" said she was living in New Jersey but moved to Syracuse two years ago and still haven't met up.

The twist in the show comes when a friend tells C.J. that "Shana" died, until she didn't and started reaching out to him again. Tonight, Nev, Justin, and C.J. find out who "Shana" is and how she can die but then still talk to him. The episode will be airing tonight at MTV at 8:00pm.

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