This was a very interesting and rewarding experience - traveling to the Marie Curie Institute  of Engineering and Communications in Amsterdam. (Sounds like a college, doesn't it?) Well, these kids were smart enough to be in one, and they were just second graders!

SONG:           (Parody of "You're A Grand Old Flag" )   Lyrics at the bottom of article

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mp3 version

Mrs. Giardino has her hands full with this group.  I don't mean that in a negative way. She has her hands full with smart, creative, outgoing kids ready to work!  There were so many good ideas from this group, I couldn't keep up with them.

photo by Richie Phillips

I loved these guys.  And they love reading, and it shows.   We took a vote, and they wanted to write a song about the importance of picking up a good book.  This song was created in 45 minutes! In fact, the music teacher, Mrs. Tommasone came in and became the guest piano accompianist!  What a great time.

photo by Richie Phillips

mp3 version

Get a brand new book and then take a good look

You will get so excited, you'll shake

You will learn new facts it'll make you smart

You'll be reading until your eyes burn, OR ACHE

If you're in a bad mood, it will change your attitude

It's a good way to entertain,

We're the kids you see from Marie Curie,

Read a book, it'll help your brain - YEA!!!!

photo by Richie Phillips

Congrats to the kids, and thanks to Mrs. Giardino   I didn't get to see the kids'  engineering skills, but they sure know how to communicate - IN SONG!