I'm sure you've seen or heard every conceivable weight loss program advertised.  And I'm sure they all work if you stick to them, but people "stray" pretty easily.  But what if there were a little wagering involved?  Interesting concept, huh? 

According to HuffingtonPost.com, there's a company called Healthy Wage.com-and here's just one of their promotions, according to the article:

Screen Shot Healthy Wage.com

In a new fitness initiative, dieters who wager $100 will win $200 if they lose 10 percent of their bodyweight in six months. Those who can't lose the weight eat the loss.

I'll make this short and sweet.  Do you agree with this?  Let's say you have a gambling problem along with a weight problem.  Isn't this swapping one problem for another?  Or do you think it makes it a great incentive to lose weight when your money's involved?

Just wondering what you think!  Please leave your comments below !



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