In a law that passed last year, minors were no longer allowed to gamble with parents and grandparents. Now there is a bill that would allow kids to participate once again with the adults. I know a lot of kids who grew up going to bingo with their grandparents and parents. Last year, it was no longer allowed. There is a lawmaker that is desperately trying to bring it back.

According to WGRZ, a bill that would allow young kids to return to bingo when they are with an adult have officially passed the State Senate. There was an amendment sponsored by State Senator Timothy Kennedy to the law that was passed last year not allow minors in to gamble in bingo halls. Now with a vote of sixty to one, it has passed the senate to lift that ban.

It must now pass the State Assembly. If it does, minors will once again be able to play bingo with a parent or a grandparent and even be able to win a prize.

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