My mom loves to go to the casino to get away for a while and gamble for fun. When Turning Stone opened up, my mom made plans to make the trip with her friends. But before she went, she decided to mix up a new drink called "The Gambler". We all are missing doing fun activities because of the pandemic. I know I am missing going to the casinos and just letting loose. When my mom found out that she was within the mileage limits to go to Turning Stone Casino, she and her friends made the trip.

My mom has been keeping herself busy during the coronavirus pandemic by mixing up special cocktails and putting the how-to videos up on YouTube so friends and family can not only be entertained but informed on how to make different drinks. She has made her famous Bocce Ball, Yellow Birds, Hugs and Kisses, and a twist on the classic Bloody Mary just to name a few.

This time she decided to make a drink called "The Gambler". In this drink, she not only shows you how to make a delicious drink but also a simple syrup with fresh basil she grew in her garden. The Gambler has a few ingredients including rye, fresh lemon juice, and crushed ice along with the simple syrup. Here's my mom's video of "The Gambler".

Here is hoping Rivers Casino and Saratoga Casino Resort open soon too. I have been itching to gamble. For now, if you can't get to Turning Stone, at least you can drink like you are playing at the tables.

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