Businesses will usually post upcoming events on a billboard outside but this one in particular from Nite Moves in Latham is causing quite a bit of discussion.

Nite Moves has a new event coming up on November 30th and without any explanation on their website or Twitter, they're advertising "Midget Fights Nov 30." The picture was posted on Reddit in both the "WTF" subreddit as well as the local "Albany" subreddit.

This isn't the first time Nite Moves has made national news. Nite Moves was first given national attention in the form of a Colbert Report interview in 2012 when the owner Stephen Dick Jr wasn't paying taxes and was petitioning for an arts exemption so he didn't have to pay.

Now, Reddit can't stop talking about it. According to one user PMoneyAllStar the event is sold out even though I think this may have been the only advertisement for it so it must've worked. If any other business had something like this, it would be even more viral than it already is. Is the fact that "Midget Fights" is on a strip club mean that it's accepted? What do you think about the sign?

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

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