10 Random Items Sold at Latham's Sam's Club
I was walking through the Latham Sam's Club and I couldn't believe all of the random items they sell. There was everything from drizzled popcorn to pickled polish sausage. Check out the ten random items I picked out for you to see with your own eyes. Who buys these things?
Latham Trooper Buys Gas for Stranded Elderly Woman
Imagine a parent or grandparent, left stranded alone on the side of the road after running out of gas.  Not only does that suck, but it can be a little scary.   In most cases though, it's not the end of the world.  Simply make a call to a friend or family member and someone will usually come help ou…
‘Natural Disaster’ in Latham Causing Shipping Delays
Anyone else have an issue recently with delays in Amazon items shipped to your house? I know full well that these men and women in the shipping business have their hands - and their trucks - completely full, but as I was anxiously tracking some new golf attire, I couldn't help but notice that my Ama…
Area TCBY Closes For Business
The Cruel Business of Yogurt. As a frequent visitor of TCBY and lover of frozen yogurt, this news completely bummed me out.  An area TCBY, the one that kick started my obsession a few years back, put a lid on their business on Friday.

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