Missing Colonie Teen Last Seen In Schenectady
The Colonie teenager who police say has been missing for about 4 weeks was recently spotted by her mom, but police say she still refuses to come home. Colonie Police recently posted the identity of 17-year-old Stephanie Hagadorn of Colonie on their Facebook page and asked for the public's help in lo…
Colonie's Blessings Tavern To Reopen Very Soon
A location that's been surrounded by such tragedy as place where the accident occured that ended the life of Niko Dinovo, Blessings Tavern is rising from the rubble, rebuilding, and planning to open soon.
Proud Marine Mom Honors August Hometown Hero
Penny Bartlett from Colonie is the proud Marine Mom of 26-year-old Ian and she wrote to GNA hoping we'd honor him as August's Hometown Hero.  Mom also told us that her son may be slightly uncomfortable with the 'fanfare' that comes along with it and decided to spend a few mi…
Local Man Says Hate Monger At Crossings Threatened "You're Going
The Crossings in Colonie is a popular, peaceful place for families to spend the day relaxing while gathering with friends and family.  Many people walk their dogs, play on the swings, go on mini-hikes and get exercise at the spacious town park.  I take my son Brody there quite a bit, he even had his…

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