That's a tall order, to go without "face paint" for 365 whole days.  This wasn't my idea, by the way.  I'll tell you whose brainchild it was below

Her name is Phoebe Baker Hyde, and she tried this very interesting experiment.   In fact she now has a book about it of the same name called "The Beauty Experiment"

What was the idea behind it?  Check out this YouTube video via ABC News

You've gotta hand it to her for trying this. Yes, I know.  There have been many celebrities who have "Instagramed" faces without cosmetics, but I'm sure they slapped it back on right afterwards (their way too vein for that)  Would YOU do it for a YEAR? How about a month?

I don't see how you could if you had a job or were in the public eye without somehow being given a strong hint that you don't look "presentable" - even if it's bad body language.  Remember, she also gave up fashion as well!

What do you think?  Would love to know below.