This morning we talked about this stinky subject on the show, and we posted it on our Facebook page too. And, despite the stats that I'm about to share with you, our overwhelming response to the question "How often do you shower?" was a resounding "daily."

The new survey that we discussed talks about women's showering habits—just women, not men. And that's probably a really good thing. Because if WOMEN are this gross, I can't imagine how gross guys would be. Check it out:

  • Only 21% of women say they shower daily, which means four out of five DON'T.
  • 33% of women go as long as THREE DAYS between showers.
  • Two-thirds of women don't remove all of their makeup before they go to bed
  • and one in eight don't brush their teeth every night.
  • 89% of women say they WISH they had better hygiene, but say they're just too tired at the end of the night to do a full cleaning regimen.

How do you stack up with the survey?

Personally, I take a shower daily, unless I'm sick. I wash my hair every other day, sometimes every day if I worked out. Three days between showers would make me feel disgusting! I do remove all my makeup before bed, unless I'm drunk. And, I absolutely brush my teeth every night!  Ew!


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