This morning on the show we went over a list of the 10 common things that women do to their bodies that men hate.

Here's the list -

1.  Too much make-up.  31% of guys said it's their least-favorite look!

2.  Botox, 17% of men say don't do it!

3.  A fake tan, 13% of men can tell, and they don't like it.

4.  Plumped-up lips, 11% said sorry Kylie!

5.  Fake eyelashes, 8% don't like 'em.

6.  Hair extensions, 6% say no, but I'm not really sure they men could tell if they were done correctly.

7.  Huge fake boobs, 5% of guys say more than a handful is a waste.

8.  Drawn-on eyebrows, 4% of men don't like them... 96% of all people hate them.

9.  Tattoos, 3% of guys don't like body art.

10.  Bright red lipstick, 2% what it all natural!

Guys, what do you think?  Do you agree?  Women, will you think twice about doing any of these things before you do them based on this survey?


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