You ever find your spouse doing something that blew your mind? I had one of those moments at home this weekend.

First, I should point out that is not my wife in the photo/video on this post. She would never let me take a photo, nor post one, of what transpired at our home last Friday.

Have you ever seen your significant other do something that blew your mind and made a huge question mark pop up in your head? I had one of those moments with my wife Stacy on Friday night.

Now, you know I love Stace with all my heart and she is truly my better half. She didn't want me to talk about this story. But this one has been on my mind all week and I have to share it with ya!

While watching TV Friday night, I turned to tell Stacy something and she had a piece of Scotch Tape on her forehead. Like any good husband would, I told her she had a piece of tape on her forehead. This is when my mind was blown: Stacy told me she was doing this to help with wrinkles. MIND BLOWN. I have never seen or hear of such a thing, so immediately I was skeptical and told Stace she was off her rocker. But then she started showing me videos like this:

They are all over YouTube - different methods to alleviate and prevent wrinkles using an inexpensive household item! Mind blown again! But I guess this makes perfect sense - men use duct tape to fix everything, maybe scotch tape is the female equivalent.

So there ya have it ladies. Use Scotch Tape to help with wrinkles. Who would have thought I would be finding beauty tips for ya? That's probably the craziest thing of all.

Now, back to talking about beer and man stuff. ;)


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