In my pre-teen years, Claire's was everything. There wasn't a mall visit when I didn't stop at that store and grab makeup or hair stuff so it scares me to think that makeup aimed at young girls has been found with asbestos.

The popular accessories chain is pulling more than a dozen items from their stores because they have been found to have been contaminated with asbestos, starting with a family in Rhode Island. The makeup belonged to a 6-year-old girl and thankfully they caught it in time.

The mother works for a law firm and concerned about ingredients, mailed the makeup to a lab for testing. According to WNYT, "test results revealed the makeup to have Tremolite Asbestos, a toxic cancer causing material in it. Exposure to this has been linked to Mesothelioma which is one hundred percent fatal."

Claire's released a statement saying that they are aware of the issue, conducting an immediate investigation and pulling the makeup from their shelves. There is a Claire's in both Crossgates Mall and Colonie Center so if you want to see which makeup has been recalled, you can find it on the Claire's website.

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