When I look to buy Birthday or Christmas presents for my younger cousins, one of the first places I stop is Justice (formerly Limited Too) and now it's been released that some of their makeup has an alarming ingredient.

ABC11 has done an investigation into Justice's "Just Shine Shimmer Powder." They took the makeup to find out if the ingredients listed were actually the ingredients in the product. Not only did their lab find 4 heavy metals but there were traces of asbestos. Apparently, though dangerous to everyone, asbestos is especially dangerous to children at the exact age range that Justice tries to reach. If exposed to asbestos, the fibers can get into the lungs and could lead to serious diseases, like cancer, since it doesn't go away.

Justice used talc in the product, which is common in makeup. The problem with this make-up is that the talc they used was contaminated. Obviously, the company didn't intend to contaminate their product but according to ABC11, they should have tested where they were getting their talc from in the first place.

Justice has responded to this finding on their Facebook page:

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