If you missed the show today, we talked about this list and we were all both amazed by some of the thing on the list and oh so happy to hear that these things can actually help us shed a few pounds this New Years. You may know a couple of these already but I know at least two of them totally shocked and made me very happy.

So, according to a Yahoo story there are at least five things that you probably not only don't know could be helping you lose weight but you may think that doing these things can be considered a "bad" thing. So let's dispel those myths right now.

5. Sleep In! That's right getting more sleep can actually help you lose weight and on the contrary, losing sleep will definitely give you a good chance of GAINING weight.

4. Eat Butter! That's right butter NOT margarine is better for you if you are trying to lose weight so don't sacrifice taste, spread a little all natural butter on that whole grain toast.

3. Have More Sex! NO, it's not because you are burning so many calories doing it, stud. It is because the act releases oxytocin which will help you relieve stress and lose weight.

2. Eat Chocolate! Especially the dark stuff but here is the fun fact a study found that people who eat chocolate on the regular tend to be thinner than the other folks and that is even if they consume more calories per day!

1. Drink Wine! Yes you heard me drink it up, and here is the part that really shocked me it's even better if you drink WHITE wine. it contains ellagic acid that's been shown to boost your metabolism and slow down the growth of fat cells.

There you go, and you are welcome.

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