Yet another challenge on a Wednesday.  What a way to try to get over the hump - being forced to write and perform a song in one short hour!  I'm only one man, people!  (Actually, I love doing it…) This one is for event planner Kim from Ballston Spa

kim write a song wednesday
photo from Kim!

I guess the video is self-explanatory so maybe we should get right into it, shall we?  Thanks again to Kim for being such a good sport, and many thanks to everyone who contributed random words and ideas.  Lyrics are below the video


Blame it all on the cold
it makes you feel feel old
and Kimmy is just 33
(she says) this blizzard is bad
it makes me so mad
I'm bout to burst a small artery
I'm so flabbergasted
how long this storm's lasted
and my unleaded gas is real low
becky the bison from Buffalo
says I'd rather move to Pluto
She's got friends in snow places
Kim has no time to time races
she'll be shoveling until next spring
in Buffalo it is the season
but Kims long legs are like totaly freezin
cuz she's got friends in snow places




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