We are embarking on our son, Ryan, getting involved in sports. As much as we want him to be able to experience all sports, we are realizing that it is very expensive. First up, baseball. It's not just about signing him up for a team. Not only is it the registration fee but now it's all of the equipment. He needs everything from the belt to the socks to the batting helmet. I didn't realize all of the pieces that are involved in order for him to play on a baseball team.

We were fortunate to get a lot of gift cards from his birthday. But we wound up spending over four hundred dollars on equipment needed for him to play baseball this season. Here's the breakdown.

  • registration: $125
  • glove: $45
  • pants: $25
  • socks: $6
  • belt: $10
  • chest protector shirt: $45
  • legal bat: $80
  • protective cup with shorts: $20
  • cleats: $40
  • batting helmet: hand me down
  • equipment bag: $60
  • batting gloves: $30 (gift)

We were asked if Ryan wanted to get on a lacrosse team. We had to decline because all I could think about is how much equipment we would have to get him in order to play. We don't even know if he likes it.

I know we are not alone, how much have you spent on your kid in order for them to play a sport? I can't imagine having another kid that wants to play too!

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