If you have ever been to the Saratoga Race Course in the summer, you can't help but notice the young entrepreneurs selling water on your way out. It's been voted on and there are going to be some changes. According to News Channel 13, there were many arguments over whose territory it was outside of the track where many kids were selling water. So this past fall, the City Council wanted to end it.

But there was a man who stuck up of the young entrepreneurs because as a kid, he sold pencils outside the track. The Accounts Commissioner John Franck went to bat for the kids. He reached out to Public Safety Commissioner Peter Martin to work out a compromise. It passed this week.

The new law is about safety. Kids will be allowed to sell water and pencils near Siro's restaurant along Frank Sullivan Place and Lincoln Ave. They will also be able to be on the track side of Nelson Ave between Wright and Gridley streets.

Kids and parents are now required to register in advance with the city accounts department and parents must sign off on liability of the city. If your child is under 14, a parent must be present at all times. If a kid is 14 or older, they will need working papers.

Franck will reach out to schools before the track season so kids and parents are aware of the new rules.

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