I had another great time at another great school for the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Program. This time I visited Keane Elementary in Schenectady.  These were first graders ,and they were INTO it!! They were ready to rhyme, ba-by!

In fact, their teacher, Mrs. Rourke, makes her class feel like one big family.  This is a teacher with heart and committment like I've never experienced.  In fact, if you ever, and I mean EVER make that age old comment to others that "teaching is a cake job", spend one day in Mrs. Rourke's class, or ANY teacher's class, for that matter.  (Whoops-nearly fell off my soap box for a second--let me reposition it!!!)

Anyway, speaking of family, here's the little ditty that the kids came up with (and they're only first graders, BTW)-aptly entitled "Mrs. Roarke's Rhymin' First Grade Family

And special thanks to the committment of Hannaford Supermarkets for making this program free to schools throughout the Capital Region.