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Menands School District Cuts Recess
When I think of fun times in elementary and middle school a good chunk of them come from those recess breaks. I got a little bit of time to be a kid and just hang out with my friends.
Schools Replacing Halloween w/ ‘Black & Orange Day’
What started off as a morning show conversation about a school in Massachusetts doing away with Halloween, turned vocal and local this morning.  Turns out Boyden Elementary School (outside of Boston) isn't the only school doing away with it, it's happening quite a bit here in the…
How Heavy Is Too Heavy for Kids' Backpacks?
With back-to-school coming up faster than many would like, it's pretty much top of mind of everyone right now. All of those school supplies, plus all of the books, are kids backpacks getting too heavy?
Ichabod Crane School Gets an Adorable Therapy Dog
You've heard all about how having a pet around can benefit people of all ages!  Reducing stress, calming anxiety, improving morale... so, why not pop one or two into elementary schools?
I think it's a great idea!  And officials at Ichabod Crane Primary School do to...
Woestina Elementary Song Written By Staff (VIDEO)
Sorry, but this school gets an extra blog.  If you saw the other Woestina Elementary blog, you know that the school is possibly going to close due to budget considerations.  Of course, the whole community is concerned.   And you know that dedicated  staff members and fo…

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