It was a bummer when we all found out that the Ben & Jerry's on Lark street would be closing its doors. But, the amazing news of it re-opening in a new location is perfect timing for the 80 degree temps this week! The new Ben & Jerry's opening this past Saturday at it's new location on Madison Avenue in Albany. Where exactly on Madison Avenue, you ask? 467, right next to El Loco and east of Washington Park. Could it have found a more appropriate location?!

Imagine a warm summer afternoon in the sun, after lounging a bit in the park and aw, man an ice cream cone sounds delightful right about now. Well, lookie here! Ben & Jerry's to fill the craving and it's RIGHT...THERE! Perfect!

Ben & Jerry's has been within the Albany neighborhood for the last 30 years and closed it's Lark Street location earlier this year.

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