It's that time of the year that many of us here at GNA are excited about, Baseball season! I know that Jeff Levack and I are pumped to start trash talk all the Red Sox fans out there because as Yankee fans, that's what we do, it's in our blood.

As much as I love the game of baseball, I have to say they way they are handling "Opening Day" is kind of pathetic. First of all, there were 2 games played in Japan last week between the Mariners and the A's that counted in the regular season standings. Many people didn't even know these games were being played because the games started at 6 a.m. EST. While these games are being played, other teams are still playing Spring Training games. When the two teams came back to the states, they went back to playing exhibitons.

Now we have tonight, the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals take on the Miami Marlins at the new stadium in Miami. Let me get this straight, the WORLD CHAMPIONS are playing a road game to start the season? I understand it's a brand spanking new stadium for the Marlins but give me a break! Not only that but it's the only game on the so called Opening Day of Baseball while once again some teams are still playing Spring Training games. I can deal with it being the only game since the NFL does the same thing on their opening night, but It's still a bit of a mess. On top of everything else, this is a one game series. That makes no sense!

Then we get to tomorrow, where we only have 7 games on the schedule. The Yankees don't play until Friday! That day there are 9 games on the schedule. If you're gonna have 1 game on Opening Night, don't you think they should have every other team play the next day and give it a special feel too it?  Bud Selig really needs to go! He doesn't have a clue what he's doing anymore! I don't even know if he ever knew to begin with. As much as I love the game of baseball, there is a reason why Football and the NFL in general is becoming "America's Past Time"  Now, I feel much better. I had to get that off my chest. Carry on!