Voicemails From Mama: Eating Habits Rant (Listen)
It's gotten to the point now where anytime my mama leaves me a voicemail on my cell, I'm oddly excited for what could possibly come next.  In the latest edition of 'Voicemails From Mama', she leaves me a message complaining (and is utterly disgusted) by Papa Codes' eati…
I Love Fall Too, It’s The ____ I Hate
I love fall too, it's what comes after that I really don't like.  I've alway said that if fall is the great appetizer, winter is the worst meal you've ever had.  You always leave the restaurant disappointed after you get a bad steak, even if the shrimp cocktail was fabulous.
Here's a list of things t…
Leggings Ain’t Pants [Watch]
Have you seen the memes on the internet of the do's and don'ts of leggings? You can apparently only wear certain colors, you have to wear them with a dress or super long tunic, you should be thin, you should be fashionable, boots, no thongs with them...
It’s Opening Day In Baseball, Sort Of [RANT]
It's that time of the year that many of us here at GNA are excited about, Baseball season! I know that Jeff Levack and I are pumped to start trash talk all the Red Sox fans out there because as Yankee fans, that's what we do, it's in our blood.