Hey, you like your team. I like mine. I love the Atlanta Braves. The true home run king Hank Aaron was a Brave. The best knuckleball pitchers Joe Niekro and Phil Niekro both made Yahoo Sports list of the 10 best knuckleball pitchers ever and they were both Braves. Even though he just retired, in my mind one of the best all around players of all time Larry "Chipper" Jones was a Brave too. If it wasn't for the Braves there would be no Boston Red Sox. They were originally the Boston Braves and when the Braves moved the Red Sox were born. There would be no Milwaukee Brewers if there weren't the Braves. The Brewers franchise was born when the Braves moved to Altanta.

Could you imagine baseball with the Tomahawk chop?? Heck no! I don't care who your team is. Be proud and don't jump on a bandwagon, stick with them through thick and thin. Yankee fans are going to realize what thin is this year. Major League baseball is getting everyone jacked up for opening day. See their Twitter post here. My Braves will be opening their season at home against the dreaded Phillies.