I love fall too, it's what comes after that I really don't like.  I've alway said that if fall is the great appetizer, winter is the worst meal you've ever had.  You always leave the restaurant disappointed after you get a bad steak, even if the shrimp cocktail was fabulous.

Here's a list of things that most people love about the fall . Hold my Oktoberfest that I don't drink  It's time for a lesson (rant) on leaf-peeping, crock pots, and pumpkin spiced lattes.

Fall foliage: Pretty until unexpected early snowfall mixes with un-raked leaves creating  a slush salad.

Halloween:  Fun for kids and adults I guess...but I can get fat from Reeses Peanut Butter Cups year round.  And I can eat them in my boxers and not a silly Dracula costume.

Baggy, Comfier Clothes: Sweatshirt and jeans are never as comfortable as shorts and t-shirts. Ever.

Crock Pots:  The food is delicious if you have 12 hours to wait for something to cook.  I'm hungry now and this cheeseburger doesn't need to 'simmer' all day.

Apple Picking:  I do this every year.  My family, gf, and son Brody enjoy this very much. Then we poop for weeks.

Pumpkins:  Look great in the patch till you pick one up and the bottom is filthy, the other side is lumpier than Sloth from 'The Goonies' head and the handle falls off.

Pumpkin Spice.  Overrated and over-used.  I like my coffee black (and strong), my doughnuts with chocolate frosting and my ice cream anything but pumpkin flavored.

Better Sleeping Weather: I don't need weather to sleep. Just a dark room and the soothing noise from a fan.

You say, "Brian, what about the excitement of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years?"

To that I say, 'What about the 75 days around New Years when the Capital Region becomes dark, cold and depressing?"

W I N T E R: The worst steak you ever had after a pretty damn good appetizer.



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