When San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for the National Anthem during NFL games, it became the kind of talk and fodder that extended far beyond football. It was his freedom of expression even if you disagreed with it.

There was plenty of controversy surrounding it as many people thought it was disrespectful to the brave men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for that very basic freedom. Others applauded his bravery for taking a stand.  Kaepernick would defend it, saying it had nothing to do with our service men and women, it was more about the way he felt minorities were treated in the inner cities. Kaepernick has gone on to donate millions to inner cities and continues to fight for his beliefs.  Agree with it or not, it did do one thing; It opened up dialogue about the social divide in our country.  Dialogue is a good thing. How can we truly learn from one another it without it?

I haven’t attended a professional football or baseball game in a few years.  I prefer to sit home and watch games of interest in the comfort of my home. 8 1/2 feet away from all the action, HD, no lines for the bathroom, all the snacks I can eat,  and with instant replays at my disposal!   Whoever unfurled this giant political message must have spent the entire game anxiously waiting for the right moment to do it certainly taking away from the enjoyment of the game.  I have enough anxiety just “watching” a game without the added stress of hanging a politically charged, polarizing message about the man who we elected to run our country. But that's just me.

My dad served in the Navy.  He’s an honorable man who voted for Trump and is happy he did so.  When the whole Kaepernick thing became America’s obsession 6 months ago, he voiced his displeasure to me on a football Sunday.  He hated what the QB was doing.  Just “play football” he said. When I asked about his rights as an American citizen to express himself freely he calmly stated “He has the right to do it, I have the right to think he’s a fool”  Fair enoough. I knew where he stood.  We went back to watching football together.

I don’t need to ask my pops about the “Impeach Trump” banner they waived at the Nationals game.  I know where he stands.  Dialogue is a good thing.

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