Happy Opening Day, take two!

Opening day of baseball for some Capital Region fans was postponed until today. So Happy Opening Day take two.

Baseball for me is always Spring. Do you know what I mean? Warm weather watching a game at the ball park or listening to the game on the radio while in the pool. Baseball USUALLY means warm weather! Maybe not this year.

Sean McMaster

So, to get my mind off the cold weather and onto warmer weather and baseball, I think we should all share our favorite baseball photos.  Whether professional or just our kids playing, let’s celebrate opening day!

Andrea got baseball in the sports splitting birth rights, I got football. So she is always taking Caden's picture in Red Sox clothes to rub it in – you know, cause I am a Yankees fan! Like most normal humans.

So I will share mine with you here in this blog! Share the blog with a picture or just leave one in the comments!