Since the announcement of Rivers Casino and the Mohawk Riverfront, I've just been awaiting more news on what's to come, especially Druthers. Finally, we have some answers!

If you've never experienced Druthers before, it's a locally-owned company whose original location was in Downtown Saratoga. A few years ago, they expanded and added a new location in Downtown Albany. Now, being from Schenectady, I felt left out. Where's our Druthers? With the announcement of the expansion of the riverfront, finally, I got what I wanted- kinda.

Yes, I knew it was coming. Yes, I knew where it was but that was it. There were no other announcements about a date or any work being done on the location, until now. Druthers posted on their official Facebook page that the wait for the date is over. There's a bit more time to go (10 weeks) but at least I have something to look forward to and based on the pictures so far, it's gonna be great! Let the countdown begin!

Note that Druthers will not be inside Rivers Casino but on the Mohawk Riverfront accessible with boats and a short walk from the casino.

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