Just a quick thought here as I attempt to compose this article this morning.  I am getting sick of  phones and software that auto-correct everything you do.   I am totaly ovr it, aren't you?  Do you think it speeds you up?  Quite the kontrary.

Now there's a good example right there.  I WANTED to spell the words wrong as a joke.  The damn thing kept correcting me, underlining my mistakes and badgering me to correct the word.

How many times have you wanted to abbreviate something and the darn thing won't let you?  I've tried to write 'GNA  and it underlines that.  STOP IT! That's what everyone calls us, and that's what I wanted to write!

devcentre, flickr

One time I was driving home using "Siri" for the iPhone.  I was texting (hands free) to my son in college.  In the middle of the conversation I dictated"I have to run into the mall - I'll be right back" 

Joi Ito, Flickr

It parroted back to me "sending text message to Ben saying "I have to run into the mall in IRAQ!" .  It nearly caused a car accident, I was laughing so hard.  (Plus, I don't know if they have Boscov's in Iraq, so I probably woudn't have gone)

I'm starting to think that we spend more time correcting the thing that corrects.  And what's one or two mistakes between friends anyway.  They're gonna know what you been.

Now see?  I wanted to type meen as a joke. It corrected me and said "been".  So I just left it there.  I'm done with this artikle