Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been married for 11 years and in that time, especially seeing them together at award shows, you have to assume that they love each other. I figured they want to be in contact with each other at all times but apparently there's one form of communication they don't use.

Nicole Kidman is on the cover of InStyle this month and among other things, talks about her amazing marriage to Keith Urban. She said that her and Keith are "old school" and though they love to be in contact with each other, they don't text. Nicole said, according to The Daily Mail, that she loves the voice, she'd much rather listen to Keith talk than text him.

I appreciate that, that's admirable. I love the sound of my boyfriend's voice and if I could, I'd talk to him all of the time but in this time, how busy we are, it's pretty much impossible. We text each other "I love you" and "Hope you're having a great day" at the bare minimum just to be in contact but to only call each other? I couldn't do that. I have to assume that Keith and Nicole are busier than my boyfriend and I are so maybe it can be done. How often do you text your significant other?

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