I want to first state that I had no clue this was a loophole in the texting and driving law. Apparently it is, and for the moment, it is perfectly legal.

I still have a hard time believing that if I am sitting at a stoplight on Central Ave with a Colonie Police Officer beside me, and he looks over as I am shooting a text to someone, nothing will happen. I don't buy that. I will also assume that many law abiding citizens of NY don't actually know of this technicality.

Basically, the entire loophole is if you are at a stoplight, you aren't "technically" moving. The law prohibits texting while a vehicle is in motion. At the same time, I can sort of see why Governor Cuomo wants to prohibit this as well. It is still a distraction. You may not be aware of an emergency situation or you may accidentally hold up traffic.

This is one of many New York laws Cuomo intends to be passed. All of the info you need to know is at the link below.

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