Yes I am, Mr. Headline writer!  I will take on the challenge presented to me.  No name is too difficult.  (Hey, I rhymed Coxsackie, didnt' I?  I rest my case.  It's all part of our Your Town Thursday feature on the Sean and Richie Show.


All you have to do is give me the name of your town and some pertinent facts.  They can be serious (like what your town's name might mean in Spanish or something like that).  You can give me funny facts as well (the town's red light hasn't been working since 1947).   You can give me the information in bullet form if you'd like.  No essays needed.

Please give it some thought over the weekend and let me know.  I had a request for Ballston Spa, and a couple of others.  We could go with that if you'd like.  We could also concentrate on Clifton Park (the C.P.)

You can also email me at  I will read off the nominees on Monday morning's show, and we can pick it right there.

If you'd like to hear a few samples from the past, have at it!  TroyWatervliet,  Cooperstown, GraftonRotterdam.  Thanks in advance!  Let's have some fun-we need it after the past month!