Thanks, first of all, to all the "Facebookers" who responded asking to repeat the theme song for your town, Coxsackie, NY. Secondly, thanks again. ( I never can thank you enough - I love doing this feature and it's fun to get your feedback.  Now onto the song!


Screen shot Coxsackie website

(Oh, by the way - many have asked what this song is a parody of. It's a classic. It's "Baby Likes To Rock It", by the Tractors)  You can listen to the original here:


Here are the new lyrics, so you can sing along!

my baby’s from coxsackie and it’s got a really funny name


Coxsackie Theme Song

(parody of “Baby Likes To Rock It”, by the Tractors)

Well it’s a little bit awkward

and a little bit abusurd

Derived from an Algonquin indian word

Would you like to visit this quaint location?

you really shouldn’t have any ...reservation

If you throw a rock I guarantee without fail

You’ll hit one of 5 churches or a big honkin jail

And you’re also guaranteed to to hit a CSX railroad train

If you have a frugal sister a mother or a brother

there are  2 dollar stores right near each other

when it’s hot and muggy here’s an answer to your dream

It’s time to scarf down some of Tom’s Ice Cream

This place is so tiny---I’ll tell ya quick

City limit signs are on the same stick

That’s a very old joke, but I threw it in just the same

(The only place with a Johnny Cake Lane)

If you’re living in Coxsackie, consider yourself lucky,

‘cuz Coxsackie is the only place that’s got a really funky name

Now West Coxsackie can be easily found

it’s a 2 minute drive from the center of town

I told you that it’s tiny, but we really like it just the same

We’re not without problems  in our little bitty town

The highway dept garage is falling down

but the fire department’s great -have no fear

good old Robert Franks been there 50 years

You better drive slow there day or nite

state trooper barracks are in plain sight

Mark Evans is the Mayor and I hear he’s got a real good brain

That’s my song for Coxsackie and it’s got a really funky name -

(Brought to you by Cask and Rasher -whatever that means)

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